Wander from legend to mystery just a few steps from the club.

The treasures of Brittany are not necessarily hidden away… thousands of its monuments are out in the open air to be seen! Follow us – we’ll take you to the wonders of Carnac.

Unlock the mysteries of the Stone Age

A landmark of European prehistory, the Carnac Stones are still far from having delivered all their secrets. A sacred function? A burial ground? The famous megaliths, listed as historic monuments, remain mute as to their origins… You get a better understanding of the magnitude of the site by admiring the 3,000 menhirs of the two main sites in Menec and Kermario, and then continuing the visit to Kerlescan. Why are all these stones aligned? Why were they raised towards the sky? This field of stone leaves the field open to speculation!

If you develop a passion for the subject, head for the Prehistory Museum, where you will discover the daily life of our distant ancestors.

Set out to explore the legendary forest of Broceliande

Did you know that the forest of Broceliande actually exists? And what’s more, it is just over an hour’s drive from Grande Métairie! The valley of no return, Merlin’s fountain, the domain of the fairy Viviane… Go for a legendary walk among the ponds, lakes and centuries-old trees.
We recommend you start your visit at the Gate of Secrets, where Pierre, the forest guard, will reveal all the secrets of the forest and open the gate for you to enter the legend. Further information on +33 (0)2 99 07 84 23.

Visit a string of churches

Stone can also be used to build chapels! An essential feature of Breton landscapes, they are part of a treasured cultural and architectural heritage. Lend an ear to a few legends as you go from visit to visit! At the chapel of Saint-Michel de Carnac, the wives of sailors would sweep the ground in a certain direction to orient the wind to bring their men back home; the church of Saint-Cornélie is dedicated to the protector of horned animals; and the chapel of Saint-Colomban pays homage to the patron saint of the simple-minded! Welcome to Brittany, where everything is legend or mystery!

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