Five Breton specialities that have conquered the world!

Gourmet pleasures are the bread and butter of Brittany! And you’ll find butter everywhere… much to the delight of gourmets. Allow us to present the emblems of Brittany.

Pancakes galore!

Of course, everyone knows them by heart, but there is nothing like a Breton galette! A cousin of the sweet crêpe, the buckwheat galette is always savoury. With fried egg, ham, cheese… don’t forget to order a bowl of cider to go with it!

On the flip side

Wanna make some dough? To make an excellent Breton crêpe, you need flour, sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt, butter and semi-skimmed milk! The filling is up to you… but we have a weak spot for salted butter caramel!

Don’t waste a crumb of Breton gavottes

Once upon a time there was a pretty young cook, who was a little absent-minded… What a story, but what a recipe! After forgetting her crêpe on the fire, Marie-Catherine Cornic had the idea to fold it into eight before eating it. Her forgetfulness was soon rewarded: no one had ever tasted such a fine, light and crispy crêpe!

Vive Kouign Amann!

Kouign means brioche, Amann means butter… it’s all is in the name when you speak Breton! Known the world over, this pastry originated in Douarnenez and has since travelled well beyond the borders of Brittany. Nevertheless, “anyone can try to make it, but few are those who succeed!” With bread dough, butter and sugar caramelized together and a crispy texture… the recipe is said to be very difficult!

There’s no denying niniches

It is a local speciality of Quiberon and has been the pride of our little region since 1946, when it was recognized best confectionery in France at the confectioner’s fair.
Manufactured by Maison d’Armorine since the end of the war, these little cylindrical lollipops with a remarkable flavour bring memories flooding back to grown-ups and will quickly convert new adepts among the younger generation.

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